Project Description

For this project, I was tasked with designing a business card for Dr. Jackie Black, a certified relationship coach for couples. Dr. Black wanted to enhance the look and feel of her existing business cards. Upon reviewing her original cards, I noticed they were text-heavy, outdated, and did not align with her current branding colors. (See old card below; not designed by me)

Her website features a clean, modern, and minimalistic aesthetic with a palette of white, gray, and hints of magenta. Keeping her branding style in mind, I created a visually appealing card with minimal text. The redesigned card prominently features her logo, with her name in a handwritten font and a heart icon, enlarged on the front for better impact. The heart icon is subtly echoed in the background on both sides of the card, adding a cohesive and elegant touch.

The cards are printed with a linen finish, giving them an exquisite texture that conveys a sense of luxury, perfectly complementing Dr. Black's professional image.

Project Details


Dr. Jackie Black

Project Date:

March 10, 2024