“I had a fantastic experience working with Courtney Averett all these years. Her passion for design really showed in her projects as she often went above and beyond, leaving my customers satisfied and/or blown away. She even taught me some design and computer techniques that helped me run my business much smoother. Not only is she a skilled designer, she was also quite festive and enriched the shop with her quality holiday decorating. Courtney is quite the joy to be around as she can carry some fascinating conversations with a sense of humor. I highly recommend working with her.”

Ken Steiner
CEO & Printer of Second Impressions

“I hired Courtney when my first hair product line was almost finished early last year. She was the head and only designer for my labels. Since this was my first product as a 30 year hairstylist, this meant everything to me. Courtney did not only take charge in asserting herself, she also made sure to communicate every step and totally paid attention to detail. This allowed me to rest assure she got me. She is dedicated to her work, and will make sure she gives you the best her. The finished product was simply wonderful and I was a very happy client. As I extend the line I will be back to use her over and over again. Thank you for helping my long time dream come true.”

Juliette Mills
CEO of Jul’s Studios and House of Juls

“Courtney continues to show strong attention to detail alongside a passion and dedication to her craft. This is accompanied by a burning desire to learn and expand her skills which shows strong signs of wanting to progress in this industry. She holds a level of versatility in her abilities and a knack for modern edge Design and innovative branding. Her continued work on our social media alongside front of house branding and strategy is noticed and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a talented Graphic Designer to consider Miss Averett very highly for the role. A pleasure working alongside her truly.”

Alexander Partridge
Partner at Council for Human Development Swiss Association
Leader & Co-Creator at Co-Create a Better World

“Ms. Courtney Averett was a student of mine in college. I found her to be an inspiration to the other students in the class. She always strove for excellence in every manner: Creativity, technical aptitude and punctuality. She exemplified professionalism on every level; respectful and courteous to all teachers and students.

Now that she has graduated both colleges, she still has the same principles. She has a great work ethic, more talented than ever, and always aims to please her clients. Her work is always meticulous and creative. She is a most outstanding artist and graphic designer. Anyone having her design for them is at a great advantage.”

Francine Neidle-Krimsky, ND CNT
Former College Design Professor of Middlesex County College